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What is for? provides access to official government budget documents and the source data that is contained in them.  You can access the documents in the library and the source data in the dashboard.  We've provided some interactive graphics to illustrate the numbers for you, and data downloads for more in depth analysis.  To better understand the budget and the budget process we've included pages under Budget Basics on the homepage.  

Information on two levels of government is available - National Government and Local Government.  And within Local Government, information is available at three levels - Higher Local Governments (like Districts and Municipalities), Lower Local Governments (like divisions, town councils and subcounties) and Facilities themselves (like schools and health centres).

Over 160 separate governments provide information to the site and we’ve tried to make it easy to tell which level of government is providing information with the data and documents clearly labelled.  


We’d appreciate it greatly if you can tell us when things are missing by calling the budget hotline 0800 229 229; emailing us on; or speaking to us during open days and our outreach events. Find out the latest about outreach activities in our announcements section on the Home page.


To find out when you should expect information from us, how to get involved with your budget process, or just to understand more about the information available in the website please check out our Budget Basics pages.